#6 – Vocal Stress and straws?

Vocal cord strain, also known as vocal fatigue, occurs when the vocal cords are overused and become inflamed, leading to hoarseness, soreness, and difficulty speaking. It can be caused by factors such as yelling, speaking for extended periods, or having poor vocal hygiene. To treat and prevent vocal cord strain, it’s important to rest the voice, stay hydrated, and avoid habits that can irritate the vocal cords. In severe cases, medical treatment may be necessary.

I have recently discovered “Straw Phonation” for un-stressing my voice… particularly “The Singing Straw” @ https://singingstraw.com/

Straw phonation refers to a speech therapy technique used to help individuals improve their voice control and quality. The technique involves blowing air through a straw while speaking, creating resistance that helps strengthen the voice muscles and improve breath control. By practicing this technique, individuals can improve their voice projection, volume, and clarity. Straw phonation is commonly used to treat voice disorders such as hoarseness, weakness, and tremors, as well as to improve overall vocal function. It is a simple and non-invasive therapy that can be done at home or with a speech therapist.

I have to say, this tool has completely changed my voice and approach to singing…not to mention seriously increased range.

If you are a singer, check it out, you’ll be glad you did!

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