Do you keep pushing your in-ear monitors back in your ears several times a song?

Do you already own In-Ear-Monitors (IEMs), but you didn’t get the molded ear piece to hold it in place because it cost too much? Me too!

So out of desperation, and after pushing my in-ears back in my ears at least 3 times per song every night, I set out to find a solution I could afford!

The process I developed for my own in-ear solution is the result of that search… and I didn’t need to go to an audiologist to get the mold made…because nothing goes down into the ear canal. Instead, softened material forms a partial mold around the nooks of the conch, or outer bowl area of the ear. This not only holds the IEM in place, even during assertive movement, but also provides an airtight solution allowing for better bass response.

That solution is the service I offer here. Be a part of our growing group of fans!


Look at the ‘Shop’ page for color options, and to order.

It works like this: Mail me YOUR In-Ear Monitors… We test them to make sure they are working before I start … then I make the thermoplastic piece and attach to your IEM, test again to make sure they work and the sound quality is the same, and then I mail it back, with instructions.

Once received heat the plastic we attached with a hair dryer (which makes the material pliable)… place the warmed plastic with your IEM attached in your ear and push the moldable plastic into the conch (bowl shaped part of the outer ear), using your finger, to the shape of your ear… if you are not happy with the fit, simply re-heat and mold again. Also, we’re always here to help.

Michael O’Neil’s video shows the whole process; from when you get your IEMs back in the mail, through how to heat and mold, along with a few special tips.

(Michael is a world renowned guitar player/producer/writer-has played with George Benson for over 30 years, as well as with Stevie Wonder, Rickie Lee Jones, Natalie Cole…and many more. Has also has scored many shows for many networks including Bravo, BET, Animal Planet, NatGeo as well as several movies).

Use the contact form, fill out your information,  and let’s discuss your particular in-ear needs. I’ll give you all the details, shipping and payment info (I take PayPal, Venmo, Zelle — or cash if you are close).

Also, please note that there are ‘some’ brands that this process doesn’t work for (or I haven’t figured it out yet). Please email a picture of the IEMs you have and I’ll let you know.

Free Return Shipping

You pay the shipping to send your existing set of IEMs to InYourEar.

We ship them back to you at no cost.

Questions? Call 818-350-9221

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