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NEW!!! Two options available now!

1- You send your current In-Ear Monitors to me, and I make and attach the molds to your existing In-Ear Monitors. $79

2- I make the molds only and mail them to you with instructions, and I offer a phone consultation and/or FaceTime session to help you. $49

*** The first option is the safest, and the one I guarantee. I've already made all the mistakes, so I save you the hassle and the time.

The second option is for those who weren’t comfortable sending me their IEMs, or for those that can’t be without them for a week. The reason I recommend sending them to me to attach the molds to your IEMs, is that this is the stage where it can get messy... BUT, if you choose this new option, I will help over the phone. Let’s talk about your needs.

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I will mail you the instruction sheet with your order, but in case you would like to review it now,

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There are many colors to choose from. Below are a few examples.

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