Music ‘My’ Theory and other Stuff I probably should have kept to myself…

#1 - a note to singers

Hello all…

This is a series I’m thinking of doing, maybe one a month…or at most, every couple of weeks. I hope if you are reading this that you have fun, and that maybe there is a nugget or two that resonates with you. I’ll share lessons I’ve learned along the way, and my weird way of interpreting those lessons. Also, opinions I’ve formed from working with tons of bands, individual musicians , students, producers, etc, etc. I’ll pepper in a few crazy road stories, weird gigs, and quotes I’ve gotten from people you might know. LEARN MORE


#2 - performing 'in-the-now' state of mind

Being in the Now requires focus on the nano-second just after now or before now... LEARN MORE


#3 - it-s-all-do-re-mi-man

This subject is going to take a few posts to complete, as it's a huge subject, simple as it sounds. Let's call this part 1 - the idea. Look, look, like it’s all just “do-re-mi man” That’s what Lenny Breau taught me, the first and only time I got to take a lesson from him. He died shortly after. If you don't know who Lenny is, Google him. You can Watch Lenny here: to give you an idea of the genius of this guy. Lenny was a guy who learned to play guitar by listening to old Les Paul & Mary Ford records... LEARN MORE


#4 - You Is Who You Is

Own what ‘chu' is...Give yourself the time you need to get to where you are going... or don’t.

That sounds like some repressed Yoda shit... but really it’s “give yourself a break for whatever choice you've made for the direction of your life... and just allow yourself to be you." The music is more authentic that way. LEARN MORE