1- Don't I need to see an Audiologist?

Let me answer that with a couple questions;
Q: do you need to see an audiologist to wear your existing ear-bud type In Ear Monitors (like SHURE 215s, 425, 535...or Westone or whatever ear buds you have)?
A: of course not.
Q: great! If you wanted to keep them from slipping out, and put duct tape on your ear to hold them in, would you need to see an audiologist?
A: no.

Great!! Well, what I do is just like that...but a little more elegant! You see, nothing goes IN YOUR EAR except the ear buds you were already putting in your ear.

The non-toxic thermo-plastic that I attach to your In Ear Monitors, when heated up with a hair dryer, becomes pliable. While pushing your ear buds in so they are air-tight, you form the softened plastic into the ridges and folds of the Auricle (the outer ear...don't worry...there are instructions, pictures and a video) and let it harden in place for 5 minutes or so...and voila! Custom molded ear pieces that you can't shake out! And they sound better...air-tight...better bass response.

And that is why there is no need to make an audiologist appointment. So not only is my $79 price INCREDIBLE...but you save time and money to boot!!

Let's make them for YOU!!!

2- Will your molds effect the warranty on my ear buds"?

If you should need to send your In-ears for repair, we'll need to remove the mold. PLEASE, LET ME REMOVE THE MOLD I MADE... or, I will carefully walk you through it. Removed properly, it shouldn't effect the warranty.

3- I'm skeptical

Skeptical? Read Harmony Central's Review...and there are a lot more where that came from! 
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